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Development Prospects Of Mobile Surveillance

Technically, the popularity of smart phones , so that civilian security and the end result has been the development of smart home and make it "Any Time, Any Where, Any Device" into reality . Consumers can buy, install a few key video or sensing devices, connected to the network , which can activate the remote monitoring function. Use the phone to see the video , the early years of the greatest limitations of the phone's performance is insufficient processing power of the CPU can not support operations that require high -density video decoding, nearly two years with the development of mobile phone chips , this bottleneck is eliminated , the current smart phone has been the development of dual-core, quad-core , memory reaches 1 ~ 2G, FLASH storage reaches tens of G, high-definition display resolution of 1280x720 (720p), its hardware configuration may have achieved H.264 decoder , smart phones , and in almost all hardware and software end laptops with similar abilities , have the ability to decode H.264 video. Meet basic monitoring on the client application , the current level of smart phone development has been able to meet the application needs. On the mobile front-end applications to meet a majority of mobile phones are also able to meet the needs of high-definition encoding upload . In the professional mobile terminal level , generic smart phone , been able to meet certain needs, but there are still some flaws in the security , professionalism and supporting peripherals. Currently mobile phone monitoring software on the user experience made satisfactory use of the majority of the market is based on the PC version of the transplant , the better would be appropriate to add some features of mobile devices , but have not fully exploited the advantages of mobile devices . Some, such as SMS phone alarm, the alarm image capture function has not been universal applications. For traditional video surveillance equipment, we discriminate based on its quality is its greatest clarity, color fidelity and delay status indicators . For mobile terminals , the clarity of the display device , the video of the degree of coherence is undoubtedly an important reference for us to observe the performance of the merits of the system . In addition to the overall visual effect, whether clear or amplify some of the minute details to ensure smooth flow of the video, is currently considered the most important aspects of mobile surveillance equipment. While the popularity of 3G technology has been several years , but the signal instability and high tariffs hindered its development. Although the advent of 3G in the beginning of the rally as much a concern for any business , but in the practical application of the process , but still gives a superior feel. The high price doomed in the eyes of more people to the 3G network is also just a good look . Therefore, mobile phone monitoring application, if we hope to accomplish in a 3G signal transmission device , then the same embarrassment destined to appear in mobile surveillance applications. Currently, due to the effective bandwidth of a public mobile communications terminal is still very limited , and in the work needed to carry both voice and data transmission services , etc. , that even when using the 3G network used to transmit CIF image , a base station can not be more than three monitoring points , and wireless broadband multi-user resource sharing features , the transmission environment is not stable enough , so also in the case where an increase in transmission loss or bit error . The current bottleneck is mainly reflected in the network transmission, such as 1080p video to the full frame rate playback , there are some difficulties in the 3G network , the back-end and front-end products, audio and video can be encoded bandwidth adaptive do improve , consider taking the phone to take the flow channel and flow channel PC separately , so as to enhance support for the phone to play. Front-end system consists of signal acquisition device , remote control operation of the device and embedded DVR , NVR , and installation of video and audio compression DVR card, PC -style constitution . Signal acquisition devices , including audio and video signals , alarm signal acquisition and other analog capture devices , mainly by the monitoring ip camera , pickup equipment, alarms, infrared sensor, door sensor, smoke sensor , whose main function is to provide a variety of monitoring front-end signal acquisition function. Front-end ip cameras generally use Wifi transmit video signals , easy for users to select the installation location. Front-end ip cameras save video support local SD card storage and external storage (NVS, cloud recorders , FTP server , mailbox and client ) . From a security standpoint , the security of external storage is higher than the local SD card storage . From the cost point of view , the client saved using the lowest-cost video , video recorder , if stored in the cloud , not only need to consume real-time traffic surveillance video viewing , and watching videos also consume flow stream for the current 3G case is the relatively high cost uneconomical . In addition, when the real-time viewing and recording at the same time , if the video is saved in NVS, FTP server and mailbox , the monitoring ip camera would output 2 video stream, the bandwidth required would be doubled. In summary , it is best not to use NVS, cloud recorders , FTP server and mailbox save the video , and select the local SD card and save the client the most economical and comprehensive safety and cost considerations , the client save video is the best. Server can have several functions : the first is the customer ID and ip camera dynamic IP address management, which is the most basic function , the lowest construction costs and operating costs ; followed by multiple clients simultaneously watch a monitoring ip camera video distribution function is needed , this feature requires a larger bandwidth of the server , high construction costs and operating costs ; finally have cloud storage server feature, which not only requires a lot of bandwidth, but also requires a lot of storage devices, high construction costs and operating costs ; server only the most basic functions , such as the lowest operating costs , if you want to build a server with a memory function , due to the need large investment, high operating costs, the server can by another vendor to build and operate , then it is likely to come through the toll recycling construction costs and maintenance operations, increase the customer's cost. For the development of mobile phones in the field of security , convenience and mobility can be said to be its greatest feature. It is also because these two advantages, it will be monitored by the liberation from the presence of bulky monitors , so that monitoring is no longer a complicated and time-consuming thing. Therefore, the use of which is its biggest advantage . Mobile phone monitoring will become a common feature, the family unit , commuting traffic conditions, road trips and holidays , the number of banks operating room of the queue , get hotel dining allelic conditions and other video information will be smart phones will standby function. Due to limitations of radio resources , the bandwidth of wireless communication is still unmatched by wired communication bandwidth ; bandwidth of a wireless base station can provide is limited , if people use more bandwidth will inevitably lead to tension , so the low rate of mobile phone monitoring application the main requirements in addition to viewing and video playback , but also increase the number of intelligence analysis functions such as camera phone shop to see the flow statistics can provide some elderly nursing ip cameras can provide some simple behavioral abnormalities alarm ( sudden fall myocardial infarction or stroke may be , there may be too late to press the emergency alarm button ) , these features not only provide customers with useful services , but also increases the competitive advantage of the product. From this we can see that , despite the end of the end of the phone monitoring have been done to prepare to accept each other , but in the apparently smooth data transfer also requires us to further wait. Through the above analysis, we can see that in the current expansion of network monitoring , civilian control of the temperature and the constant pursuit of the perfect smart phone , cell phone monitoring application is undoubtedly a matter of course. With smart phones , PAD more widespread popularity , mobile surveillance applications will become increasingly popular, both the industry market ( such as police ) or the civilian market ( such as family ) , mobile phones are expected to become one of the mainstream surveillance monitoring applications . Of course, since many objective factors need to be addressed in the implementation of its development is destined to very difficult.

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