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Thailand Vows To Find Bangkok Bombing Culprits


Thai police have released video of the suspected bomber in Mondays deadly blasts that killed at least 22 people, most of them foreigners.

The footage from a security camera outside the shrine shows a dark-haired man in a bright yellow shirt who casually sits and takes off his backpack on a bench, leaving it behind as he walks away. Police said the blast occurred shortly after he left.

Meanwhile, someone dropped an explosive device off the King Taksin Bridge in Bangkok Tuesday afternoon, panicking people on the nearby river ferry pier. Closed circuit television video of the explosion showed the device detonated in the water, causing no injuries.

The blast, coming less than 24 hours after the one at the Erawan Shrine, 5 kilometers away in central Bangkok, further unsettled the already jittery capital.

No claim of responsibility has been made for either explosion. Speculation is rife on Thai social media, with both domestic organizations and foreign terrorist groups cited as potential culprits.

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