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Diversified Development Of High Speed Dome Cameras

High speed dome cameras gold higher compared with the normal surveillance cameras, which are used in more complex environments.But people at high speed dome cameras, there are also a lot of awareness of errors, one of which is considered a major reference speed dome cameras require high-speed, low -speed dome camera does not know of quite critical.Low-speed motor drive control as well as the core algorithm has a very high demand, with the video surveillance network, HD and intelligent development, but also advancing the development of high-speed dome camera more branches, a variety of features to meet the monitoring requirements more complex environment. Due to the current network HD rage in the surveillance market , as well as network monitoring simplicity and reliability superior in construction and HD solutions, has been favorable for the market.However, high network video surveillance system on the network transmission requirements , a variety of video transmission scheme selection also requires us to consider carefully.How to transfer more smoothly under limited network bandwidth data network is the primary issue of High speed dome cameras in the development process need to be addressed.Today H.264 compression encoding has become mainstream, providing high-quality image transmission at lower bandwidths , in the same image quality conditions , H.264 data compression ratio is 1.5 times of MPEG-4.In addition, the proposed dual-stream concept also broke through the bottleneck of network transmission and decoding resources. Dual-stream is encoded by the end of the two formats are encoded so on, including chip hardware and software , including operating systems made high demands. Dual-stream in the traditional sense refers to the use of high bit-rate all the way for local HD storage, such as D1 encoding , another way low bit rate streams for network transmission , such as CIF encoding , taking into account local storage and remote transmission network . Currently, the dual code stream to broaden the application , you can achieve any encoded bit stream format is selected , the code is not specified in the code stream , the stream can be selected in real-time encoding , not only the dual-stream transmission, storage, but also to achieve the arbitrary choice stream real-time compression , coexist. Dual-stream encoding implements were separately stored , according to the network bandwidth flexibility to choose the size of the stream, so that the fixed storage and low stream HD transmission is possible in the current bottleneck of bandwidth by state and market demand , dual stream technology will continue to exist and continue to develop. Situation makes the high crime rate began the night with night vision capabilities , high-speed dome camera attention , it is the perfect infrared technology and high-speed dome cameras combination. Generally speaking, there are two implementations of infrared technology : active and passive . Active infrared is emitted by the infrared beam of infrared light -emitting device proactively target , then the reflected infrared sensor and the target object imaged by the camera ; passive infrared does not emit infrared detection of the target object itself relies on infrared radiation to form a " thermal image ." Active infrared dome camera infrared LED and high-speed ball composition, this combination appears to overcome the infrared dome camera does not have the speed of rotation and the general shortcomings of the initiative to launch the ball missing the infrared beam. However, this combination is also a bottleneck exists : night vision screen flashlight effect , i.e. the intermediate light , dark corners in the middle of the screen has the phenomenon affecting image quality floodlight , halo , etc. ; infrared beam scattering due only objects to be effective within visible distance ; life infrared light-emitting device is limited, need periodic replacement ; -power infrared light-emitting device of large ( large energy -consuming ) , but also a large amount of heat , the process will not affect the entire system ; only objects within the irradiation range of the infrared light , no light-absorbing material and the surface color of the light absorbing or reflecting infrared light objects will easily be " reflection limiting " is monitored. Based on the above deficiencies active infrared , passive infrared technology began to be adopted by high-speed dome camera , this combination effectively overcome the shortcomings of active infrared technology : infrared detection is surrounded by an array of infrared energy ( heat ) converted into an electrical signal , and then generate a thermal image on a monitor , and you can display temperature values; its maximum detection distance of up to 2km over ( IR infrared light-emitting devices have the highest efficiency is only 25% ) used an infrared thermal imager power of high speed dome camera less than 2W ( 100m power infrared light-emitting device visible distance of about 30W, and even larger ) , in addition to the focal plane array infrared thermal imager circuits and high-speed ball on a combination of non-uniform compensation can not require thermo-electric intercooler ; not "reflect restrictions " constraints , after all the absolute temperature is greater than absolute zero ( -273 degrees Celsius ) objects are infrared radiation ; 8-14 micron wavelength in the infrared region of the atmospheric window can penetrate fog , haze and turbid air , smoke, snow, etc. , to achieve control in a variety of harsh environments. You can see, passive infrared technology can overcome almost all technical defects active infrared technology, but passive infrared technology and high-speed dome camera combination remains constrained . Since the wavelength of the spectrum of infrared light in a portion of 0.78 to 1000 microns , wherein 2.0 to 1000 microns called thermal infrared portion , the material should match the characteristics of the transmission spectrum , not the cover material such as polycarbonate by ball only by several infrared materials such as single crystal germanium . Moreover, the infrared materials made of germanium expensive infrared materials made of silicon is relatively relatively inexpensive , but the transmittance of the material to be worse than germanium . These factors have hindered outdoor infrared dome camera development. Night vision dome camera fill light in the night program in addition to using traditional infrared diode device as a fill light , there is now also appeared on the market as a complement infrared laser light PTZ camera , it further irradiation more stable than traditional high-speed angle surveillance dome camera is more extensive , can be done without dead -round monitoring. Can automatically track and perform the appropriate alarm function through behavioral analysis of intelligent high-speed dome camera has been an important symbol of intelligence , with the video processing technology ( algorithms ) a combination of high-speed dome camera. Early automatic tracking and behavior analysis are based on the PC through the reading and processing of video to achieve, with the development of DSP processor technology , with intelligent analysis of high speed dome camera products have been common. Speed dome cameras and wireless transmission technology, can be applied to emergency command in public emergencies . When such incidents occur in remote areas , on-site monitoring equipment had not used or had been subjected to monitoring equipment when barriers need some emergency command platform build system, wireless transmission speed dome camera exactly should this market demand came into being. Network HD system is still the focus of future monitoring of the market. High Speed Dome Camera Video Surveillance as a node , the selection is very important, we need to focus on in addition to high-speed dome camera internal circuit control , video processing beyond the micro -chip solution , the physical structure of the design itself is what we can not overlooked.

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